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Our Next Venture is Your Venture!

Are you an entrepreneur with a business idea?  You have some experience or knowledge in this business area?  Are you willing to have someone mentor and invest in you and your idea?
Are you a smart, savvy and experienced business person who wants to give back and share their knowledge to mentor a new entrepreneur?
If Yes…we need you.  Please fill out the contact form and let us know more about you.
Here’s how it will work.
  1. Use the contact form and tell us about yourself and your business idea.
  2. We’ll contact you to set up a time to meet.
  3. If we like your idea, we’ll set up a meeting of 6-12 potential mentors and investors for you to present your idea.
  1. Please contact us and let us know you would be interested in sharing your business experience with a new entrepreneur.
  2. We’ll match your experience with a potential Entrepreneur.
  3. We’ll invite you to an Entrepreneur presentation.
  4. Mentors will meet with their Entrepreneurs at least once a month to help guide them in their business questions.


Sounds easy?  Could be.  
Belay is experienced at creating successful ventures.  
Your idea may just be the next one.