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Belay’s first venture started in 1995 as Bud’s Warehouse, home improvement thrift store using recycled building materials donated from local builders, homeowners, and vendors.  Known by many as the city’s original and best home improvement thrift store, but not everyone knows Bud’s stands for Building Unity and Dignity through Service, an acronym which reflects our vision  and mission to help individuals with their career and life-skill development.  The stores sets the stage as a job-training and employment program for individuals rebuilding lives.  In addition, profits from the business are reinvested in the community by providing loans and technical assistance for entrepreneurial business startups.
Bud’s Warehouse hires and trains individuals who have significant barriers to employment. Every morning before the store opens, Bud’s employees and volunteers gather for on-site trainings. The Bud’s Warehouse training program is designed to combine workplace experience with trainings that equip employees for transition to full-time, self-sufficient employment.
Our employees participate in a one year program and go through an individualized life skills curriculum that includes such topics as: healthy living, job development, personal finance, computer skills, and interviewing for new jobs (among others). We also do weekly one-on-one case management that covers personal and professional goal setting and  transitioning into independent living.
When you shop at Bud’s you directly support our mission and our employees.



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Bud’s has a NEW Building!

With the help of many,  an incredible opportunity for us to purchase a 50,000 square foot building in Aurora with a payment that is similar to our rent in our old building became available this year.  Located in Aurora, our new retail space provides a much better shopping experience for our Bud’s Warehouse customers, more room to focus on our job training program, and additional square footage to share with other like-minded organizations such as Mile High Workshop.   Now, we are in a facility that houses 4 different job training ventures with a combined 35 new jobs created by the end of 2017 for people rebuilding lives.
Come Visit our New Location at 13280 E. Mississippi Ave., just 1 block west of I-225 and Mississippi.