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Purple Door Coffee


Purple Door Coffee, a specialty espresso bar and coffee shop located at 30th and Welton in Denver, opened its doors April 15th, 2013.    It’s mission is to provide supportive and meaningful employment to teens and young adults who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind.

Belay Enterprises began this new venture with Purple Door Coffee, July of 2011, bringing to fruition our vision of partnering with other organizations to create jobs for people rebuilding lives.  As part of our mission at Belay, we are convinced that the only way to meet the incredible needs for transitional jobs is to change our approach from focusing on our own projects to partnering with other organizations and Christ-following entrepreneurs. In Purple Door’s case, we launched this innovative business by joining forces with Madison, Mark and a local homeless outreach ministry, Dry Bones Denver, the inspiration for the project.

Dry Bones Denver has always been about not reinventing the wheel. They have wanted to be an organization that is about meeting unmet needs for the Street Kids of Denver. As they were ministering among friends, they realized that employment and job training was one of the greatest unmet needs present on the streets. This is so key in helping our friends transition off the streets. Some might be able to get a job, but holding it is very difficult for many. Others are not able to be employed because of mistakes in their past.

Dry Bones started dreaming about a café to employ and train friends that were ready for employment and ready to transition away from street life, because of the transferable skills that working in a café environment provides.

Belay wants to encourage creative partnerships like Purple Door Coffee that advance our job creation goals. We continue to be on the lookout for future partnerships.