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Belay Venture Partners Program

Belay Enterprises’ newest project seeks to create businesses that transform lives. We are searching for Christ-following entrepreneurs with new or potential ventures less than 2 years old, who share our belief that new businesses can help our Denver community flourish. In November of 2018, we are matching one passionate early-stage founder who desires to live out the gospel through his or her business with a mentoring group of 5 business leaders. These will meet with the entrepreneur regularly to provide high-impact advice and a forum for working through challenges. The Belay Enterprises’ team will also offer targeted training and support. In addition, the selected founder will receive a start-up financial investment focused for business growth. All together, this investment of mentoring, technical expertise, and financial resources aims to increase the impact and effectiveness of the new venture. In April of 2019, we will host our first Venture Partners event where we will match an additional 3 more founders with mentor teams.

Start a Business

Are you an entrepreneur with a new start up business less than 2 years old? Or do you have a business idea but need help organizing its launch? Do you want to live out your faith through your business? We invite you to apply for the Belay Venture Partners Program where selected start-ups will be the recipients of high-impact mentoring and guidance, increasing the odds of success and community impact.

Become a Business Mentor

Are you a successful business person skilled in starting or running a business and interested in being a mentor? This will be a unique opportunity for business leaders to use their business gifts and talents to impact the community for the gospel. We are looking for entrepreneurial Christ-following business people with a track record of success and a desire to use their talents to assist kingdom start-up businesses. Business mentors will also be encouraged to make an investment in our revolving donor advised fund that will be used to resource the founder business loans.

Invest in the Belay Impact Fund

Belay Enterprises is starting an innovative revolving impact fund to support the growth of businesses in our Venture Partners Program. Are you a charitable giver interested in increasing the impact of your gifts? Call or email us to learn how you can transfer dollars from your donor advised fund or make a charitable contribution towards a fund that invests in faith businesses aiming to make a difference for the community.


Start Up Workshops & Classes

Potential participants for the program will be identified from church entrepreneurship classes, Belay Start-Up Workshops, or through Referrals


Interested participants will complete a written application to explain their business idea and show why they would make a good candidate.

We are seeking passionate Kingdom entrepreneurs with a desire to live out the gospel through their business.  


Participant Selection

Participants will be selected by a committee of business people to the program. Belay will work with each participant on their pitch preparation and provide start-up support.

Pitch Night

Participants will get the opportunity to pitch their idea to a group of potential mentors. Mentors will choose which business opportunity they wish to be involved in and entrepreneurs will also vote for their desired mentors.

Match to Business Group

Participants will be matched with a Business Group of mentors who will meet with them monthly and receive support from Belay on their business start-up.

Investment from Donor Advised Fund

A start-up business loan will be created for each participant to get their business off the ground.

Program Completion

The participant will complete the program when the business loan is repaid.

Do you have a start-up business idea and are interested in becoming a Participant in Belay Venture Partners?